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Thank you everyone!!

Thank you everyone!!

Over 60 volunteers from five different churches served the children of Paterson during the summer camp of 2017.

I pray that the Father God has imprinted the passion of Jesus Christ in these volunteers through their services at Hana Mission.

I would like to ask volunteers continue to remember and pray for the children that they worked with. Being exposed to violence and drug abuse in their early age children are prone to follow the path of their environment.

The toil is overwhelming while the fruit is little to see. Nonetheless, only because we understand the price Jesus had paid for our salvation we are fully convinced that it is worthwhile to follow his example.

For those volunteering at Kids' Club (after school) and Study Hall please come to the Mission from September 7th (Thur). Saturday program will begin Sept 16th.

Announcement & Prayer

1. Need more volunteers for Kids' Club and Study Hall

2. Conversion of brothers and to become soldiers of Jesus Christ.

3. Hana Mission is working on 2nd Thrift Store/Warehouse in Lodi

4. Purchasing of an apartment between Hana Mission and the parking lot

I hope you and your family to enjoy the rest of the summer and find peace in the Lord.

Thank you!

2017년 여름 켐프를 무사히 마치게 하신 주님께 감사드리며

많은 봉사자들과 후원해주신 교회와 성도님께 감사를 드립니다.

하나님께서 이 봉사자들의 마음에 그리스도 예수님의 마음을 새겨주시기를 기도합니다.

계속해서 이 아이들을 위해서 기억해 주시고 하나님께서 이 아이들을 범죄와 마약으로부터 지켜주시기를 기도해 주세요.

방과후 학교 프로그램이 9월 7일 개학하고 어린이 토요 학교는 9월 16일 재개합니다.

기도 제목

1. 어린이 사역에 봉사자가 필요합니다. 이웃 사랑에 관심이 있는 분들을 보내주세요

2. Thrift Store 2호를 마련하고자 기도하고 있습니다. 함께 동참해주세요

3. 선교회 건물과 파킹낫 사이 아파트 건물을 매입하고자 합니다. 기도해주세요


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