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Summer Camp 2017

From Monday (7/10) until August 11th, children from Hana Mission will have a great time with volunteers and learn about God's love. Please pray for volunteers from these churches and the children for the safety and the blessings from the Lord.

  • 1st wk ChoDae Church 초대 교회

  • 2nd wk Bethany (Wayne) 베다니 교회

  • 3rd wk Praise 찬양 교회

  • 4th wk GCF (VA)

  • 5th wk North Shore Community Church

Special thanks to Stony Pak who volunteered to coordinate the summer camp and taking charge of preparing lunch for both volunteers and children. ​​

Children will have a trip to The Sight & Sound Millennium Theater that is three hour drive from Hana Mission today.

Let's keep them in our prayer throughout the day!!

Thanks to Cho Dae Church who arranged this trip and bring blessings to the children.

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