August 18, 2017

Thank you everyone!!

Over 60 volunteers from five different churches served the children of Paterson during the summer camp of 2017. 

I pray that the Father God has imprinted the passion of Jesus Christ in these volunteers through their services at Hana Mission. 

I would...

July 12, 2017

From Monday (7/10) until August 11th, children from Hana Mission will have a great time with volunteers and learn about God's love. Please pray for volunteers from these churches and the children for the safety and the blessings from the Lord.  

  • 1st wk ChoDae C...

May 31, 2017

[Picture taken this morning 4:33am]

Just parked my vehicle and walked toward the mission, I felt helpless when I saw this lady sleeping on the concret in front of hana mission door. 

Although she was covered with thin blanket I knew immediately who she was. 


May 12, 2017

Link to Amazon's story on Mary's Place 아마존 관련 기사는 여기 

오늘 아침에 놀라운 기사를 읽었습니다. 

아마존 회사에서 200 여명의 홈리스 어머니와 아기들에게 무상으로 숙소를 제공한다고 합니다. 

그것도 아마존이 소유한 건물에서 반은 회사가 쓰고 나머지는 홈리스를 위하여 사용한다고 합니다. 

물론 출입구는 나뉘겠지만 저로서는 획기적인 사건이 아닐 수 없습니다. 

물론 이 기사에 비판도 따랐습니다. 

아마존은 기부 문화에서 다른 회사보다 느리다는...

March 18, 2017

It was about 230am in the morning. 

My cat was crying at the door relentlessly. Although I was half asleep I knew why this cat was bothering my sleep: Her bowl was empty and crying for food. 

Prov 12:10 states "The righteous care for the needs of their animals". How much...

February 23, 2017

30분 영상 속에 재미있지만 충격적인 내용이 있어 여러분께 소개합니다. 여러분의 반려견과 모르는 사람이 물에 빠져 죽게 되었습니다. 여러분은 둘 중에 하나만 구할 수 있다면 누구를 구하시겠습니다? 이 질문을 들은 영상 속의 사람들은 모두 자신의 반려견을 구하겠다고 대답하였습니다. 저는 이 비디오를 만든 사람과 답변한 사람들이 꾸미고 한 대화인가 상상해 보았습니다. 그러나 비디오의 저작자와 내용을 고려해 볼 때 꾸민 답변이 아니라는 결론을 내리게 됩니다. 그 이유는 반려견을 구하...

January 1, 2017

2017 Prayers

Dear donors and friends of Hana Mission. 

First thing in the morning of Jan 1st, 2017 I pray for your family and loved ones. 

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;

The Lord turn his face toward you and give...

November 18, 2016

 Excited for a field trip - 새로운 모험을 앞두고 즐거워 합니다. 

 Start getting nervous - 떨리기 시작하는데요

 Start hitting the floor - 엉덩방아 시작

Please join us:

On 12/4 Sunday 5pm at Hana Mission we will celebrate Christmas together with Paterson children and their family. 

오는 12/4일 주일에 패터슨 지...

October 12, 2016

They are not kids anymore. 

They have been attending Hana Mission children's program since kindergarden (some 1st grade) and now 7th and 8th graders, just entered the teenage years. While I am happy to have these smiling faces around Hana Mission, I must share with you...

September 8, 2016

Summer vacation is over and children are back to the school.

Since Tuesday children are coming to Hana Mission with their homework and asking for help. 

While we are more than happy to have these children back, we have a serious challenge: we have only a few volunteers a...

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