what we do

Adult Ministry Morning devotional and soup kitchen Sunday Worship Service (Sundays 3:30pm)

Weekly worship service open to all broken and God-seeking hearts living in Paterson followed by a hearty meal (5:00pm)

Morning Devotional & Soup Kitchen (Mon.-Sat., 6:45-7:30am)

Waking up and feeding the community with bread and His Word.

Food Pantry (Mon. & Fri., 12:30pm)

Making food available to those who need the most, with our partner Table to Table

Children’s Ministry Hana Kids’ Space (Mon.-Fri., 3:00-4:50pm) for grades 1-5

Help on homework at home is usually not available for our children, due to language barriers. We are here to fill in the gap and not only refine their academic skills, but also provide an environment for our children to develop social skills and learn manners by interacting with peers and tutors.

Study Hall Program (Mon.-Fri., 6:00–8:00pm) for grades 6-12

It is an early intervention program providing a safe, encouraging space for local teens away from various temptations and dangers prevailing in the community. Our objective is to motivate students to stay in school and to mentor them through their overall development.

Saturday Bible School (Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm)

All children are invited to pray and play hard in God! Christian teachings are incorporated into an interactive curriculum consisted of sermon, praise & worship, bible study and games to have children accept Jesus Christ into their everyday lives.

Christian Summer Camp (July of each year, Mon.-Fri. 10:30am – 2:30pm)

A state-licensed 1-month-long summer camp open to all children at any age!  We put our focus on teaching the Bible and God to light children’s hearts for Jesus Christ. Fun activities such as weekly field trips, games, and arts & crafts make each summer the most memorable summer of our children’s lives.